Welcome to Elix Technology!
We custom design websites tailored to your individual business and our point of difference is we write your website content.

Web Design


An online store for your business with the features that your business needs We’ll design an e-commerce website, complete with a content management system that puts you in the driver’s seat, to match your business’ needs. Sell your products and services securely online and start building additional sources of revenue from clients all over the world. Our goal when designing any website is to get results. We can incorporate a number of features into your e-commerce website design to ensure you own an experience tailored to your users and clientele.

Plans and Pricing

Focused, active website content For customers who choose a plan. Elix Technology written content creates interest and desire. It tells your customers exactly why they should deal with you and has a strong call-to-action. Search engine optimisation (SEO) Elix Technology identifies the right key phrases to use in your website content to attract the right visitors to your site. We research the key phrases that are needed before we start designing or writing the content for your website. Your website is then submitted to major local and international search engines so potential customers can find you with ease.

Website Hosting

Elix Technology operates 2 secure dedicated  cloud-based  servers, one in Canada. Each server has its own IP address specifically for our clients’ websites, and which contractually doesn’t lock you in to Elix Technology.

Website Maintenance

As with all good website design companies, Elix Technology can assist you in maintaining your website and making regular changes for you to keep your site fresh and problem-free. We can work on a variety of websites. These can be anything from Content Management (CMS) websites including SilverStripe and WordPress or Joomla websites, through to static html websites. This frees up your time to focus on what you are best at and allows us to help ensure your website is doing an optimum job in bringing you more business.   What Elix Technology does differently is we offer our clients a sliding scale price structure for website design and maintenance work.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a website is only the first level in securing a strong online presence. You want your website to perform in bringing more customers to your business. Good Search Engine Optimisation will improve your site’s ability to be found by people more likely to match your target market as it is based on searches by those looking for what you have to offer. A better performing website – one that is more visible to the right people – will significantly increase the value of this key asset in your marketing portfolio, achieving a higher return on investment.

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

Your website is an important part of your marketing and as such it needs to perform – you need to see a clear return on your investment. ROI for your website means more than capturing more visitors through the search engines; it’s about converting those visitors into enquiries and ultimately into paying customers or clients. To help you achieve this, Elix Technology will run a Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy on your existing website.